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The Presidents' Corner

January 2020

by Matt Rownin

Welcome to the Roaring 20ís the second edition!!! It is a start of a new year and a new decade and that means it is time again for you to pay your membership dues. The electronic newsletter is only $10.00 per year for an individual membership and $15.00 per year for a family membership. Bring your check, cash or money order to the next meeting and get yourself paid up.

With a new year that also means it is time for elections!!! Our LOOOOONNNG standing officers needs some relief and new ideas. Now is your chance letís vote in a whole new regime and bring some life back to the club. Elections will be held right after the presentation and we may even raffle off some positions if there are no volunteers!!! We are looking for a volunteer to maintain our website - - at some point this year as Paul Gacek starts cutting back on too many activities. Volunteers please!

The next meeting is Friday, January 31st, 2020 at 8pm. Yours truly will be presenting on a recent dive trip to Barbados. It will be brief so we have plenty of time to hold elections and some new officers.

Alright thatís about it for me.

Stay safe, stay warm and stay frosty. See you on the 31st.

Your reluctant volunteerÖ.


Matt Rownin

Matt Rownin

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