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July 2019

by Matt Rownin

Happy Summer everyone!!! The weather has been warm, sometimes darn hot and summer is in full swing. That means the water is warming and dive sea-son is officially upon us. I hope all of you are enjoying this time of the year and doing some div-ing either here or around the world. Now is the time to do some local diving, keep your skills up and work the bugs out for any trips you have planned.

A small group of us just got back from our annual pilgrimage to Cape Ann, MA this past week-end. The weather gods were not as good to us as in previous year’s but we managed to get in some dives with CharterBoat1 who took us out to the Dry Sal-vages for some seal diving. We were greeted by numerous seal heads breaking the surface to see what we were and what business we had being there. When we hit the water a few came to personally say high and then just was quick as they came they were gone, only to come back for a quick swim in and then out. I think we were spoiled last year when the seals would not leave us alone so hopefully they want to play more next year.

Our next meeting is Friday July 26th and our own Michelle Lapin will be our speaker doing a presentation on Diving off Palm Beach, FL including the Blue Heron Bridge. Michelle is a spectacular videographer so you won’t want to miss this one. Come down early and enjoy a beachside BBQ.

Our FCDA Members Present Night is coming up in September so it time for all of you with with brief presentations to get organ-ized and let us knowwhat you’d like to present. Please contact Matt or Mike with your topic.

Newsletters don’t grow on trees - we still need a secretary to prepare our monthly newsletter! The treasurer is getting old and cranky and doesn’t want to play secretary anymore!

See you all soon…..Until then safe diving…..


Matt Rownin

Matt Rownin

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