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Fairfield County Diving Association

The Presidents' Corner

June 2017

by Matt Rownin

Wow, it’s time to write another volume of the President’s Corner. The time seems to just fly by but what becomes more difficult is thinking of something to write about, that you all want to read. Not an easy task….as I sit here drawing a complete blank.

Well, I have made it out diving a couple of times but not as much as I would like to. I was able to travel in April and do some blue water diving but have yet to make it out for a local dive; I have one planned for the weekend yahoo!!! Each year it seems to get tougher and tougher to get out there…..Life and work seem to get in the way. Oh well….That’s Life!!!!

The FCDA does have some dive trips planned for the summer – the July Cape Ann trip is just around the corner. We are heading up there on Thursday July 6 and will stay and disturb the peace until that Sunday with boat dives with Cape Ann Divers planned for Friday and Saturday morning and maybe a night dive if we haven’t dove into the Bourbon yet. Come for as much or as little of the time as you want or can tolerate. There is a guarantee of some good food, good drinks and some great diving. Let me or Mel know (see the Events section for his contact info) if you want to come up.

We are also trying to get some dives on Bill Palmers boat, The Thunderfish, this summer and have one planned for July 15th and have spots open so let us know ASAP. We will also get some others planned for later in the summer. So let me know if you w a n t t o g o – or (203) 767-2361.

Remember we have started our pre-meeting BBQs at 7pm so come down early and bring your favorite food to put on the grill.

See you all soon. Safe Diving,


 Mike Casswetta

Matt Rownin

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