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The Presidents' Corner

February 2018

by Matt Rownin

The January meeting was well attended due to threats of you being nominated for a position on our executive board if you were a no-show. Votes were counted and counted again and then audited by our private consultant and unanimously Mike and I were voted in again for another term as co-presidents taking our run to 10 years. Yes, time flies by when there is no leadership and things are planned at the last minute. Paul was re-elected to Treasurer and his run goes back before they even had numbers to count. Our new Vice President who moved up in the ranks from Secretary is Lisa Jarosik. So we are again in need of a new Secretary so let one of us know if you are interested. The only qualification is you need to know how to turn on a computer, it is that easy.

February 23 is our next meeting and we have author Joseph Williams who wrote Sunken Gold which tells the story of the sinking of the HMS Laurentic On January 25, 1917, when struck two German mines off the coast of Ireland and sank. His books will also be for sale if you wish to purchase one. Brave the cold and come on down. Also note, we do not have a March meeting due to Beneath the Sea and Sea Rovers.

As a reminder, it’s time for annual dues. They are very reasonable and necessary for the club’s function. We are trying to schedule presentations for 2018, so if you have taken a good trip or know of a good speaker, let us know.

If your traveling be safe and have fun. See you soon…..


 Matt Rownin

Matt Rownin

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