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August 2018

by Mike Cassetta

As the “great” musical artists Milli Vanilli said, “blame it on the rain”, it has been quite the wet summer. Fortunately, that has not dampened our will nor ability to dive in the Northeast.

Over the past few weeks I have been fortunate to have several awesome ani-mal encounters in the wild of New England; including a very close interaction with a seal, not the singer, off Gloucester, and more recently, several very friendly blue sharks off Block Island.

I would like to thank both Jeff and Jason for being our guest presenters at the July meeting. As a reminder, our August meeting will be FCDA night at the movies and will occur 1 week earlier than usual, as the last Friday in August is Labor Day weekend. Our feature presentation this year will be “Open Water 3, Cage Dive”. Looking at the trailers, it should be a fun movie and looks to be a cross between the “Blair Witch Project” and “47 Meters Down”, awesome!!

September will be our members present meeting. So if you have a short presentation that you would like to share please, let Matt or me know. We are additionally scheduling speakers for later in the year as well as for 2019; so if you have taken an excellent trip, or even a mediocre venture, and would like to share some video or slides, please let us know.

Lastly, we are still in desperate need of a secretary. If anybody is willing and capable, your help would be greatly appreciated.

See y’all soon…..


Mike Cassetta

Mike Cassetta

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