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June 2018

by Mike Cassetta

Summer is here and the water is warming up. Time to dive in the Northeast, and there is no shortage of opportunities in this area. If shore diving is your thing, RI, NY & Massachusetts have plenty of awesome sites. There are local dive boats (Orbit Marine “Capt Noel” & The Thunderfish “Capt Bill”) if you want to dive CT, plus plenty of operators off NY & NJ, if you want to drive a bit.

Mel, Matt & I did a dive over Memorial Day Weekend off Ft Weatherill. Conditions were perfect. Air temps low 70s, water temps high 50's and about 10 feet of viz. It was a nice relaxing 45 mins dive to a max depth of 35 feet. We saw some nice schools of small fish, crabs & we all returned with plenty of air (1500-2000 psi) and plenty of smiles.

Big thanks to Don Brown (Ski & Scuba) for presenting at our May meeting on diving Cuba. Our next meeting is Fri 6/29 & will Lisa, myself & Dave Schafran will share vdeo/ photos on Diving Bimini (Sharks, Dolphins & more Sharks)..... don't forget the pre-meeting BBQ.

Please if you have not yet paid your dues, they are due; so (do your dues..its only $10/ year). We are looking to round out our speakers, so if you have a potentially good presentation, let Matt or me know.

August is movie night & this year will feature Open Water 3 (Cage Dive). I hear its a like a mix between “Terminator” & “The Notebook”, just on water and with sharks minus the Robots and Roamnce.

Well, look forward to seeing you all soon.

aka (Dr Mike)
aka (Mike C)

Matt Rownin

Mike Cassetta

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