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September 2019

by Mike Cassetta

It has been a very sad few weeks in the diving community. Again, I would like to express as a club our thoughts and best wishes to all impacted by the tragedy aboard The Conception and all of those affected by Hur-ricane Dorian. The dive boat tragedy off the coast of California will likely change live aboard dive opera-tions and their safety protocols. Although the full report of the cause of the fire has not been released, Coast Guard recom-mendations regarding charging stations and lithium batteries have been updated and will likely impact any future dive trips.

Additionally, 1000+ people are still missing in the Bahamas after the Abaco Islands and Grand Ba-hama were devastated by Hurri-cane Dorian. Thoughts and prayers to all of those missing, their families and for the safety of all who were working tirelessly in the recovery efforts.

At our upcoming meeting, Ja-son will be presenting footage of some recent wrecks he dove off Bonaire and Nassau. He can also talk to us little bit about the im-pacts of the hurricane on that area.

As our June meeting did not go as planned, I will be sharing a video clip of recovery training utilizing a body bag. Addition-ally, years ago I did spend an overnight at the Channel Islands and did several dives on The Truth, which is one of the sister ships to the Conception. I can dis-cuss a bit about safety protocols on board and provide insight to what the recovery dive teams were going through.

Mel Rich will be presenting some recent video clips of our an-nual dive with the Rhode Island Blues. This year we had some awesome encounters and look for-ward to a great treat.

The SECONN dive club has reached out to us about possibly collaborating with them on some events including their annual fro-zen fin dive, wreck symposium and banquet. We will discuss this more at the meeting.

Lastly, I would encourage eve-rybody to enjoy the warm water while lasts. September and October frequently brings the most awesome diving and the warmus waters you could experience in the Northeast. So get out there and have fun.

Hope to see y’all at our next meeting.


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