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January 2019

by Matt Rownin

Happy New Year!!!! Itís that time of year again, the holidayí have passed and we are amidst the dead of winter. So far we have had no real snow storms so letís keep it that way!!! Something tells me my wish wonít be granted. We do live in the Northeast, so keep those shovels handy you just might need them. Donít worry summer will be here before we know itÖ.We hope.

It is also that time of the year to cough up some cash and pay your dues; literally. Or you could have Paul paying you a visit when you least expect it. So donít delay, send in the dues or bring it with you to the next meeting in January. If you owe us money you will receive an invoice by email. Please be sure to bring your invoice with any corrections along with your payment - nothing confuses things more than money with no name attached!

At Januaryís meeting we are expecting to have our own Mel Rich Jr. to present on the GoPro, itsí history and his expert advice on how to set it up, firmware upgrades and all of the best accessories.

January is also election monthÖ.Yes it is election time!!!! Thereís plenty of opportunity to show your stuff and make a change to the existing regime that is ready to be overthrown. Do you have what it takes? Donít be shy, you know you want to do it. WE NEED A SECRETARY!!!!!!!

So I hope you all have had a good New Year so far and everyone is happy, healthy, wealthy and wise. See you soon. Be safe and Dive, Dive, Dive. Ciao.

Matt Rownin

Matt Rownin

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