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November 2017

by Matt Rownin

Gobble, Gobble….It’s that time of the year again, the leaves are turning, the turkeys are getting anxious and the weath-er is turning. Well some days the weather feels more like spring and I’m not complain-ing. It will be snowy and cold soon enough so let’s take ad-vantage of what we can and the good news is that the Northeast dive season has ex-tended a bit. As the weather turns our thoughts drift off to warm climates, beaches, palm trees, tikki bars with frozen drinks, ice-cold beer and live music. Dive Vacations here we come to escape the snow, ice, wind and freezing tempera-tures.

Now is also a good time to get your gear serviced and make sure you have eve-rything you need for your trip and if not visit your local dive shop and dig deep in those pockets and get it!!! Nothing can ruin an exotic vacation more than missing gear or gear that doesn’t work. I guess you could always use rental gear.

If you planning to come to the November meeting on the last Friday in November you will have your pick of seats be-cause no one will be there. If you’re there on the last Friday that means you missed the meeting because is one week earlier. THE NOVEMBER MEETING IS ON THE 17TH AT 8PM. Our topic is “Sharks, Seals and Dolphins - Wildlife encounters off New England a compilation by Mike Cassetta, Lisa Jarosik, Michelle Lapin, Mel Rich, Matt Rownin. If you have a presentation of your own bring it down and join the party.

Speaking of parties, our annual Holiday Pot-Luck will be on Friday December 8th at 7pm. So cook up your favorite master-piece or buy something at the store, put it on your own plate and we won’t even know the difference and come on down and enjoy the festivities. Stay Safe, Stay Warm and if you’re a turkey WATCH OUT you will be basted and on a table real soon. See ya Matt.


 Matt Rownin

Matt Rownin

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