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November 2018

by Mike Cassetta

Happy Thanksgiving all and I hope you have a wonderful and safe Turkey Day. Speaking of holidays, the annual FCDA Holiday Gathering is scheduled for Friday, December 14th at the cottage. More details to follow at our next meeting. It is always a fun time, so make sure and put it on your calendar.

Our next meeting will be on Friday, November 30th. Michelle Lapin will be presenting video footage of a recent trip to French Polynesia. Michelle always does awesome videos and we look forward to what she has in store. A big thank you to Capt Noel, he was our guest presenter at the October meeting and shared footage from a recent trip to St. Croix.

Near the end of October, a group of us traveled to Gloucester with plans to go diving for scallops and to see our seal friends. Unfortunately, conditions were not safe for boat diving. However, we did get an excellent 60+ mins dive in at Folly Cove. Water temperatures were in the low 50s, max depth 50 feet & visibility well above 25 feet. We saw a variety of different see life, including an upper close encounter with an inquisitive Sea Raven.

The thermometer will be dropping, and water temperatures will dip into the “cold” range. If you dive in the Northeast year-round, as I enjoy doing, please remember to dress warmly both for in water and after water activities. For those of you have the time and money, enjoy your travels. Otherwise, this is a great time of year to have your gear serviced so it is ready for you in the spring.

It is hard to believe another year has almost passed. It is also almost that time for our FCDA annual elections. If you are interested in becoming an officer, please let us know. We are still in desperate need of a secretary. If anybody is willing and capable, your help would be greatly appreciated.

See y’all soon…..

Matt Rownin

Mike Cassetta

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