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Friday-Sunday March 9-11, 2018 - Boston Sea Rovers 2018 - DoubleTree by Hilton Boston North Shore, 50 Ferncroft Road,Danvers, Massachusetts 01923. For almost 60 years the Boston Sea Rovers Show has not only been introducing the public to the underwater world, but also uniting important characters in the world of underwater exploration, science, travel and recreation. For more information visit Boston Sea Rovers 2018.

Saturday Seminars


The Philippines – 262 Islands Dived, 7,379 More To Dive
In Hot Water: How Global Warming Affects Massachusetts
Sea Turtles, Seals, and Whales
Change Your Photos from Blah to Ahh!


Indonesia: Across the Archipelago
Gray Seals and White Sharks of Cape Cod
Latest Techniques in Underwater Photography


A Japanese Zero,
Sharks, and the Pristine Reefs of Papua New Guinea
To Cape Cod and Beyond: White Shark Movements in the North Atlantic
Amazing Topside and Underwater Footage with your GoPro


Native American Carvings Found in Vermont River
Greenland: The Vanishing Frontier
The Lost Intruder


Eco-educational Explorations in Cuba’s Gardens of the Queen National Park
Using New Tools to Examine Old Tools: The Survey of Captain Roberts’ Mine
The Discovery of the William H. Machen


Clipperton Atoll Expedition: After the creation of the MPA.
Ocean Observatories Initiative: The Cutting Edge Quest for Ocean Science
Submarine Ore, Submarine War and the Wolves at their Door


Guadalupe Above and Below
Why Divers Makes Mistakes Leading to Accidents and Why They Will Continue To Do So
15 Minutes to Live: The Sinking of the Lusitania

Sunday Seminars


Diving Maine’s Record Cold
Tragedy Strikes in Seven Minutes ‘Loss of the Steamer Fred McBrier’
Marine Science and Conservation Public Forum


A Year Underwater
Stories of Death and Survival: Shipwrecks of Lake Erie
Marine Science and Conservation Public Forum


Marine Life of the North Atlantic app
The 10 Best Diveable Shipwrecks Off Cape Cod
Marine Science and Conservation Public Forum


Tips for Shooting Video on Any Device
A Diver’s Responsibility: Protect What You Love
“A Plastic Ocean” movie showing


Tahiti and her Islands
The Transition from Recreational Diving to Public Safety Diving
“A Plastic Ocean” movie showing (continued)


The Tech Photographer
The Frontier of Decompression Research
Boston Sea Rovers Intern Update

Friday-Sunday March 23-25, 2018 - Beneath the Sea 2018 - Meadowlands Exposition Center, 355 Plaza Drive, Secaucus, NJ 07094. Beneath The Sea's annual exposition in March will feature seminars and workshops, lots of great door prizes, a film festival showcasing the work of world-renowned underwater videographers, great parties, and exhibits and demonstrations by hundreds of manufacturers, dive clubs, dive shops, resorts, and much more! For more information visit Beneath the Sea 2018.

Saturday Seminar Schedule

Sunday Seminar Schedule



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